Welcome to the Information Website for the UFCW & Employers Benefit Trust v. Sutter Health Settlement.

California entities that paid Sutter Health for general acute care hospital services and ancillary products could receive money from this class action Settlement.


Class Members’ Legal Rights and Options in this Class Action Lawsuit
Promptly Complete, Sign, and Return the Claim Form If you are a Class Member and you wish to claim your share of the Settlement Fund, you will need to complete and sign the Claim Form and mail it to the Claims Administrator, postmarked by May 28, 2021, or complete, electronically sign, and submit the Form online by May 28, 2021. If the Form establishes your membership in the Class, you will be mailed a Relevant Payments Notice after the Effective Date of the Settlement, which will provide you with a calculation of your relevant payments to Defendants and an opportunity to submit a different amount based on other data available to you.
Object to the Settlement If you are a Class Member, you may object to part or all of the Settlement and/or to Plaintiffs’ Counsel’s joint motion for fees and expenses and a service award for the Class Representative. To do so, you must mail your objection to Plaintiffs’ Counsel, postmarked by May 28, 2021, stating why you do not like part or all of the Settlement and/or the plan to allocate and distribute the Net Settlement Fund and/or the joint motion. You may both submit an objection and participate in the recovery by submitting a Claim Form if you wish.
If You Do Nothing If you are a Class Member and do nothing, you will not share in the Settlement Fund. To receive a share of the Settlement Fund, you must complete, sign and return the Claim Form or the online Claim Form according to its instructions. Class Members are releasing the Released Claims regardless of whether they submit the Claim Form.
Get More Information If you would like to obtain more information about the lawsuit or the Settlement, you can send questions to the Claims Administrator whose information is located here, or review documents on this website or the Court’s online docket here.

For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, please refer to the Notice of Proposed Settlement.